Wedding Vows

The day you’ve dreamed of for so long is almost here. You want everything to be perfect and you’ve done almost everything you can to make sure it’s your fairy tale wedding.

But, have you written your Unity Sand Ceremony vows yet?

wedding-vows-ringThat’s right – your Sand Ceremony Vows are not the same as your wedding vows. That’s because each set of vows serve very different, but complimentary purposes.

Unity sand, sand ceremony, coloured sandWith your wedding vows, you are each individually promising one another that you will love and honor your partner throughout the remainder of your lives.

With your Unity Sand Ceremony Vows, you are both celebrating your beautiful union. In marriage the two of you become one, so your Unity Sand Ceremony vows serve as a potent symbol of how your lives are forever joined together. By speaking the vows together, you are poetically affirming your new unified relationship as a couple.

When you combine your wedding vows with your Unity Sand Ceremony vows, you strengthen the power of your commitment and the life you will live together as one starting on your wedding day.

The Perfect Vows – Poetry from Your Heart

The stress of having to write truly meaningful Unity Sand Ceremony vows can almost be too much… especially when you still have a long list of details to take care of before your wedding day.

Plus, even if you are typically good with words, many couples have a really hard time expressing the way they feel in their Sand Ceremony vows. Go easy on yourself. It’s not like you write Unity Ceremony vows every day, right?

New Kind Of Unity Ceremony – Vows For All

More couples are realising that their wedding day isn’t just about the two people getting married. A wedding is a combining of families – parents, brothers and sisters, as well as children from previous marriages.

The Unity Sand Ceremony and the vows can be used to help the entire family celebrate the new union. When you write to include close friends and family, your Unity Sand Ceremony vows allow everyone involved to feel a sense of connection, meaning and purpose.

You have a great opportunity to create special wedding vows that commemorate your new “family” in a heartwarming way.

With the right unity sand ceremony vase set and some thoughtfully chosen unity sand colours, you’ll be on way your to creating a timeless piece that will be a source of fond memories for you and your family for decades to come.

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