Unity Sand Kits

The sand ceremony serves as a beautiful symbol of unity for two people, or families with children. For outdoor weddings a sand ceremony is a great alternative to candles because there’s no flame to blow out.

The centerpiece of the unity sand ceremony shows the unity sand ceremony vase set. You will treasure the unity vases throughout the years of your married life. Select the right one, and it will become a memento as important to you as your wedding photos.

Our range of unity sand kits includes…
(Note that the unity sand kits excludes the coloured sand. Sand needs to be included in your order from our coloured sand page)

Shadow Box Forever Frame

Includes: 1x Unity Vase, 2x Pouring Vases
Excluded: Coloured Sand
(Sand required to fill center unit, 6x1kg=6kg)
(Delivery 2-4 Weeks)

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Size - 305x260


Price: ZAR 998.00

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