The Basic Wedding Sand Ceremony Vow Wording

We now celebrate ______ and ______’s union with a symbolic sand ceremony. First, we will pour sand from this beautiful beach where ______ and ______ stand today as they commit their lives to each other, representing the strong foundation of their relationship. That foundation includes their families, their upbringing, and all the important steps on their journeys that led them to be who they are today. This foundation will support them in their love as they grow and change together. If you are not having a beach wedding, the foundation sand can be from your hometown, or just a neutral white sand.

_______________ and _______________, today you are making a lasting commitment to share the rest of your lives with each other.

That commitment is symbolized through the pouring of these two individual containers of sand; one that represents _______________ (who now pours in some of his/her sand) and the other that represents _______________, (who pours some of his/her sand on top).

Each of you comes to this relationship with unique strengths, vulnerabilities, and histories. As individuals, you are beautiful people all on your own. Yet when the two of you are blended together, you form something even more beautiful. Those strengths can blossom, those vulnerabilities can be cared for, and those people can soar.

As the two containers of sand are poured into the vase, (both ______ & ______ simultaneously pour their remaining sand in the central vase) the separate colors of sand now blend into a new color. You have now blended your families into a new family, as you start your journey in marriage, loving and strong as husband and wife, as inseparable as these grains of sand.