Sand Ceremony that Includes Children

If you are blending families, a sand ceremony is a nice way to include your children in the wedding ceremony. Be sure to get a table low enough that the kids can easily reach. A wide mouth vase is helpful for less coordinated little hands, and some kids may need assistance with their pouring.

______ and _______, today you are making a lasting commitment to share the rest of your lives with each other, joining your two families into one.

First, you will each separately pour a layer of sand into the vase, representing who you are as an individual. First one person pours, then the other, forming two distinct layers of sand.Then, you will pour simultaneously, blending your two colors as you will blend your lives in marriage. The couple pours simultaneously. Depending on the size and shape of the vase, it may form a third color, or a swirl of the two colors.

As the individual grains of sand can no longer be separated, may your bond also be inseparable.

But you are also making a bond with your children, ______ and _______. As they also contribute their unique personalities and strengths to this new family, they will also individually add a layer of sand to this unity vase. Pause as the children pour their sand individually, forming separate layers over their parents’ blended sand. Then everyone, _____, _____, _____ and ______ will pour together, representing their commitment to each other . Everyone pours simultaneously. If you have many children, it may be difficult to have everyone around the vase at once, but it should be as simultaneous as possible.