Family Unity Ceremony for Blended Families

sable-wedding-ceremony-setIf you’re a bride or groom who’s about to become part of a blended family, you are in for an adventure. Not only are you marrying the man or woman of your dreams – you’re gaining sons and or daughters in the process. As a result, you’ll want to memorialize your blended family in a special way – and a sand ceremony can do just that.

The most intriguing aspect of a sand ceremony is that it enables you to show, in a visual way, how your blended family is coming together. As one colour of sand flows into another, so the love flows through your blended family. A Sand Ceremony Vase Set can become a treasured heirloom that is passed from one generation to another.

What you need to make your sand ceremony special

Obviously, the most important element in the Sand Ceremony is the Unity Sand Ceremony Vase and Unity Sand in various colour combinations. Your vase set is a symbol of your life-long union – a family trophy you’ll come to treasure year in and year out. The lovelier the vase set, the lovelier the message that you are sending to the members of your blended family.

Vows to give your ceremony a personal touch

Another important aspect of your Sand Ceremony is the vows you’ll make – not just as a couple, but as a family. That’s why my book “Sand, Sound & Soul” is so important. It’s the element that will make your ceremony a fond memory for your blended family with 27 thematic Sand Ceremony wording to enhance your experience.

A ceremony as unique as your blended family

Your unity ceremony can be as unique as your own family. Through the ceremony, you’ll recognize the importance of each individual, while also celebrating the family you’ve become. That’s why the unity sand ceremony can be an important bonding experience for each member of the family.

Traditional, but new

The unity sand ceremony combines the best of old and new. While the ceremony itself may date back thousands of years, it’s just recently been popularized in the States. Although unity candle ceremonies have become common in a number of churches, the idea of a unity sand ceremony remains fresh. If you want to combine the old with the new in your wedding, the unity sand ceremony may be just the ritual you’re looking for.

Ideal for destination weddings

If you’re part of the growing trend toward destination weddings, the unity sand ceremony may be the perfect addition to your wedding festivities. If you’re in an exotic locale, there may be no better way to show the loveliness of your union than with a Sand Ceremony. The beauty of the beach is only surpassed by the beauty of your new loving family.

A 21st century way to celebrate

The Unity Sand Ceremony is a 21st century way to celebrate your union. It combines the fun of our time with the tradition of times past. Children especially love the uniqueness of the unity sand ceremony. It takes a favorite childhood activity – playing in the sand – and creates something beautiful, special, and memorable.

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