Does the different colours sand have any significance?

Yes, here are some suggested meanings of the colour of the sand


  • Red: Love, Passion, the strength of the will, Fertility and courage
  • Dark Green: Nature and renewal, health, riches, prosperity, beauty and luck
  • Yellow: Joy, a sunny disposition, optimism, consistency, friendship, attraction
  • Light Blue: Peace, patience, tranquillity, good health or understanding
  • Dark Blue: Strength and virility, longevity, loyalty, trust, commitment
  • Purple: Royalty, strength, health and vitality, power, sophistication
  • Pink: Love, truth, playfulness, happiness, tenderness or unity, romance
  • Brown: Nurturing and caring, home
  • Black: Wisdom, strength, success, sophistication
  • Grey: Vision, protection, inspiration and glamour
  • Mustard: Wealth or prosperity, strength, unity, prestige or success
  • White: Peace, innocence